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This site contains confidential information related to jcpenney business, operations, sales, customers, suppliers or associates. Disclosure of company confidential information, by any means, without proper authorization, is prohibited. This includes posting such information internally on other unrestricted jWeb pages, or externally on the Internet in message boards, newsgroups, chat rooms or other public forums. Unauthorized release of financial and other non-public information, including unreleased sales and markdown information, may also violate certain governmental regulations. The conditions above are covered by the company's Statement of Business Ethics and the jcpenney Jcpenney Information Security Policy . The policies stated herein apply to all associates in the Company, its domestic subsidiaries, and foreign subsidiaries to the extent permitted by law, as well as to non-jcpenney personnel including contractors, consultants, temporaries, and other users. All users are responsible for understanding these policies. Entering this site acknowledges your understanding and agreement to comply with these jcpenney policies. Failure to follow them may result in dismissal.
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